Education2OUR AIM: To rescue the academic potential of learners through training and support programmes which will help them grasp key concepts, and reduce obstacles to future success.

LITERACY PROGRAMME : Low levels of literacy and education in general can impede the economic development of a country in the current rapidly changing technology-driven world.

Many of our children are in classes of 30 – 60 learners and are being taught in their second language. Many come from homes where caregivers have not been taught in English or have low levels of literacy themselves.

The WordWorks Literacy programme is a locally developed (Cape Town based) literacy programme specifically aimed towards second language English learners at a Grade R and Grade 1 Foundational Phase level to address this issue.

Volunteers are trained to run the programme which uses games, books and other fun tools to assist the children in learning. Each child on the programme receives an hour a week of intense one on one time with the volunteer over several months which attributes to the success of the programme.

The programme was launched in July 2014 at Addington Primary school and is being run by Jo-anne Smith, a volunteer from Westville Baptist Church. Jo-anne is a qualified educator who has a special interest in foundational phase and remedial teaching.

The programme is designed so that volunteers can be anyone from a grandparent, parent, educator or even an older sibling. Anyone who is interested in the development of the potential of a child can be a volunteer. The programme is currently operating on a Tuesday and Thursday morning and volunteers are able to offer between 1 and 4 hours a week of their time. As the volunteer base grows we will be able to expand the programme to other days of the week as well as to other communities.

MATHS and SCIENCE TUTORING: CAST has developed a Maths and Science Tutoring programme with volunteers from Westville who come to KwaDabeka.  They, along with university students from KwaDabeka, tutor high school learners who are in the CAST Youth Development Programme.

GIVE YOUR BRAIN A HAND: Yasmin Adams, CAST’s Inner-City Coordinator, has started a programme called “Give Your Brain a Hand” for students at Addington Primary School that focuses on·developing God-given talents. ·“Give Your Brain a Hand” is intended to provide a creative outlet for the children in multiple areas, such as arts and crafts, singing, and dancing.

The idea behind “Give Your Brain a Hand” is that students can use the talents God has already blessed them with instead of focusing on the despair and hopelessness around them. Poverty becomes an outlet for creativity, as the children make something out of nothing.

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