OUR AIM: To combat extreme poverty through the provision of food and clothing in order to initiate a process of development towards self-sufficiency with each recipient.

Food Parcels (Hearts to Hands): Hearts to Hands is a Relief Services Department within CAST. We work towards uplifting poorer communities in our city and facilitating the journey of restoration from hopelessness and despair to faith, dignity and self-worth. We start by meeting the most urgent needs by offering Relief services, specifically in the area of monthly food parcels and providing clothing and blankets. Households are assessed by CAST community workers and social workers who work closely with schools, clinics & churches in the communities.

A household qualifies for the food parcel programme if they:

• Live below the poverty line according to MDG Standards

• Have a disability or critical illness (e.g. HIV)

• Are child – headed.

• Shack dwellers/ informal housing

• Short term crises relief due to fire, flood, etc.

Currently we have 326 families on our food parcel programme, in various communities (Kwadabeka, Lamontville, Chesterville, Addington, Noodsberg, Chibini, Applesbosch, Mariannridge) however there are many more needy families that need assistance. At the moment, food parcels are funded by individuals donating R140 per month and companies making more substantial donations.

HOME VISITS: Food parcel recipients and others with particular needs are also visited and assessed in their homes by community workers and lay counsellors. This forms an important part of both our counselling and relief efforts.

Relief Services are intended as a first step towards empowering these households and it is our aim to only have them on the food parcel programme for one year. This is made possible by offering a holistic solution within CAST.

CLOTHING MINISTRY: A team of volunteers run this ministry for food parcel recipients as a relief service in emergencies such as fires, floods, etc. Some clothing bags are given to recipients to sell as a way to earn some income.


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