In September I heard about three families, living in the same house, who had lost everything in a fire.  Twanette Harmes who told me about this situation wrote this email:

“I find it hard to explain how this family has lost everything they worked so hard to obtain in a matter of minutes, It has taken my husband and myself a long time to get all of our belongings and truth be told should our fridge or our stove pack up tomorrow I will not be able to go out and replace it because in today’s life it is too expensive, now imagine losing all your belongings in a blink of an eye …”

After I read her mail, I had to stop and praise God for the people in our church who are always so ready to help, and I knew God had directed these families to us, because he knows our church is about reaching out to a lost and hurting world.

I asked Twanette to please give me a list of clothes required for each person and I passed it onto our clothing ministry team led by Sharon Vermaak. They sprung into action sorting through clothes that they thought each person would like, and within a few days I had boxes of clothes and blankets ready to deliver.

For the clothing ministry team, their job is so much more than shoving clothes into a bag, they imagine the person they are clothing and find matching coordinated outfits including belts, hats and bags.  The greatest care is taken to ensure that when anyone receives clothing from us they are clean quality outfits that make them look and feel special. When Twanette told me how overjoyed the families were with the clothes I could understand why, knowing what care the team had taken in the process.

If all of us do a little bit, so much can be achieved. This family was clothed because some people donated clothes, and others sorted and packed them. They are small acts of kindness but just look at what a huge difference it made. These families are now slowly rebuilding their lives and while we couldn’t provide all their needs, we played a very vital part.

God has many different instruments in His band and He calls us all to play his heavenly music while we march ahead to relieve pain and suffering. I am so proud to be a part of a church packed with wonderful God-loving people, who embrace the value of reaching out to people in times of desperation. Thank you everyone for playing in Gods band, whatever instrument you are, you are so important and so loved.

– Gail Whitear