Five years ago, Jupiter and his family fled to South Africa from the Congo. In his home country, Jupiter had worked as a teacher. However, as a refugee in Durban, Jupiter struggled to find work in the area of his passion, education.

At first, Jupiter was able to attend the University of KwaZulu-Natal to study Community Development, but when he struggled to renew his refugee status his studies were cut short.

Out of necessity, Jupiter began buying items at auctions to sell at the Sunday flea market. His family had settled into life in South Africa, away from family and friends in the Congo. Two of his children attended Addington Primary School.

One day, on her way home from Addington Primary, Jupiter’s one and only daughter was hit by a car. Life changed forever for Jupiter and his family.

Through the pain and grieving, Jupiter found a reason to hope. He is giving back to his community. A year after the loss of his daughter, Jupiter has found a way back to his passion. Jupiter attended our business training at Addington on Saturday. He was so excited about the work of CAST that he decided to attend our literacy training for Addington homework help as well! Jupiter was amazed when Yasmin, our Inner-City Coordinator, told him,

“CAST can you give you an opportunity to teach again.”

CAST’s education program has given Jupiter his passion back. He now has a way to teach children at Addington through homework help. Instead of repeated rejection because of refugee status, CAST has given Jupiter hope in his God-given talents again.