It all started with some pamphlets.  A year ago Lee, CAST’s Business Development Manager, was giving out pamphlets advertising the Lamontville business forum.  In Lamontville, Lee found a woman named Lindiwe selling food and asked her to hand out pamphlets to customers.  Lindiwe asked if she could come to the business forum too.

Back in 1990, Lindiwe moved to Durban from the Eastern Cape to work in her aunt’s shop.  She left everything behind, including friends and family.  But then the shop closed, and Lindiwe was left without work.  Two years ago Lindiwe started selling from a table near the bus stop in Lamontville.  Before attending CAST’s business training, Lindiwe was just selling without much strategy.  However, business training taught her how to use tools like advertising, price negotiation, and product specials to increase business.

Lindiwe attended the entire eighteen week business forum and graduated. She was also paired with a mentor who helped her develop her business.

When asked about running a business on her own, Lindiwe stated,

If you are always scared, you will never do anything better for yourself.  To be responsible, you have to stand by yourself.  You have to trust God.”