Meet Lindsay, a business mentor to Lindiwe in Lamontville (from last week’s story).  Lindsay is a mom from Westville; she has triplets in Matric.  She also works for her husband’s business.

After Bridgette, the founder of business forum, encouraged Lindsay to volunteer with CAST, Lindsay decided to become Paradigm Shift trainer in KwaDabeka and Lamontville.  Because of her experience as a trainer in a bank, this was a great way to volunteer.

However, when Lindsay was asked to become a business mentor, she was hesistant.  She was unsure how to help, especially when she compared herself to other mentors.

Eventually Lindsay agreed, and she was paired with Lindiwe who owned a tuck shop in Lamontville.  Their mentor relationship developed, and one day Lindiwe mentioned a new business opportunity.  Lindiwe observed that policemen from the station nearby always went to KFC for lunch, so she wanted to sell crumb chicken from her shop.  Lindsay knew she had a friend who made wonderful crumb chicken, so she invited Lindiwe into her home to learn how to make the chicken from her friend.  Lindiwe was able to expand her business, all because Lindsay had a connection.

Lindsay says about volunteering, “You have to accept what you can do.”  Not everyone can volunteer all their time and resources, but everyone can volunteer some of their time and resources.

Another volunteer for CAST is Nick.  Nick tutors guys on the KwaDabeka basketball team who are struggling with maths and science.  He comes once a week on Friday afternoons with his friend Corinne to help with homework.

Nick said he comes to KwaDabeka because he knows education is the way out of poverty.  With little resources from their school, the guys on the team needed help to improve their marks.  Nick says about coming from Westville to volunteer in KwaDabeka, “It’s easy to forget.  I want to experience how most of the country lives.”

Volunteering is about ordinary people doing ordinary things for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  Everyone has something to offer!  CAST has many opportunities to volunteer in Poverty Relief, Counselling, Youth Development, Educational Assistance, and Business Development.  If you are interested in volunteering with CAST, make sure to attend Westville Baptist’s Ministry Fair this Sunday, which is open after each service, and talk to one of our staff members about how to get involved.