Today we share the story of a learner in our ECD programme who has made a great improvement in his literacy skills. Currently in Grade 4 at Mcopheleli Primary School, 11-year-old Luyanda Mthethwa from KwaDabeka had great difficulty with the basics, not being able to write the letters of the alphabet, and struggled to form words in English and isiZulu. This sadly affected his self-esteem.

His family receives a monthly food parcel from CAST and learnt of the weekly literacy classes at the CAST Community Centre at KwaDabeka Baptist Church. After 7 months of attending the class and receiving individual help from our team of volunteers using material from the Wordworks Literacy Programme, we are happy to see him progressing and enjoying his work.

“It took some time, dedication and commitment to work with him,” says the programme facilitator. “Our biggest challenge was when we had to start from scratch and teach him how to write the alphabet, words etc. It was time-consuming but, through dedication we were able to pull him through.

He has now gained self-confidence and is able to write isiZulu and English words. We are very proud.”



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