For those who may not have received the update sent by email earlier this month, below is an official communication from the CAST Trust Chairman, Pastor John Benn, regarding the recent changes which the organization has undergone this year:


It has been several months since our church family and our CAST partners have received an update regarding all that has been happening at CAST over the past few months.  We are truly grateful to everyone that has been praying and supporting CAST in many significant ways during this challenging time.

A review of the ministry was undertaken by the Board during the latter part of last year and continued after the arrival of the new interim CEO at the beginning of this year.

This review highlighted a number of threats facing the organization and, along with the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on both CAST and the churches in the alliance, has resulted in the Board having to make some very difficult decisions in order to ensure the long-term effectiveness of CAST and its ability to continue to serve the poor and vulnerable through the local church.

The primary reason for the delay in formal communication to the church and other CAST partners is that the CAST Board has had to ensure that the restructure process was conducted both fairly and in compliance with all legal requirements which necessitated the conclusion of the process with affected staff before communicating specific details.

This necessary delay has unfortunately resulted in some speculation and sadly incorrect information regarding what has been taking place at CAST circulating amongst some individuals. We are hoping to be able to ‘set the record straight’ with this update.

Sadly, one of the results of the restructure is that several CAST staff members have been retrenched and others have not had their short-term contracts renewed.

Both as CAST and Home Ground we would like to thank all of them for their dedication and hard work for the ministry of CAST and for God’s Kingdom and wish them God’s blessing in their new areas of ministry.

The review revealed the following challenges to the ministry which, in the view of the Board, have made the restructure necessary:

  • The economic downturn and the resulting significant challenges to our traditional fundraising base.
  • The impact of Covid-19 on the communities we serve, our partner churches and Home Ground Church.
  • financial losses due to Covid-19
  • The declining effectiveness of certain programs due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  • The high cost of administration of certain programs relative to the number of beneficiaries that are served.
  • The very urgent need for new medium-term focus (relief).

After consulting with all our church partners, they unanimously agreed that not all of CAST’s programs could be run effectively due to the Covid restrictions and that there should be a temporary re-focus on relief.

Having taken all these factors into consideration and having explored other alternatives the Board has implemented a restructure of the entire organisation. One of the results of this is a significantly reduced staff complement, especially at ‘head office’.

After the restructure the staff complement will be as follows:

  • Interim CEO
  • Fundraising and Donor Manager
  • Relief Program Coordinator
  • Office Administrator
  • Communication Officer
  • 5 Community Facilitators

The mission of CAST is to mobilise and align local churches to reach out with practical compassion to empower, transform and redeem communities.  This has not changed and will continue to remain the heart of what CAST does.

Home Ground is committed to continue supporting CAST as a ministry of our church, we are so excited to deepen and strengthen our relationship with CAST and our partner Churches.

Home Ground remains committed to ensure CAST is run effectively and with good governance and transparency.  The formal governance structures have remain unchanged.

CAST Kenya remains a part of the CAST family and we as Home Ground continue to support Joseph and Purity Bode as missionaries of our church.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on many Non-Profit Organisations, with many having to close their doors. We believe that this restructure has given CAST an opportunity to secure the long-term sustainability of the organisation, strengthen its relationship with Home Ground and deepen the relationship with our church partners in the Alliance.

We believe that in the future CAST will continue to flourish and that after the pandemic we will be able to return to serving our partner churches and our communities in many and varied ways.

Should you have any questions, I will be happy to answer any that I can or refer you to someone who is able to do so.

Your Fellow Pilgrim,

John Benn (CAST Trust Chairman)