Hi, my name is Zethembe Judith Khoza. I am a young mother of a 5-month-old baby girl and we live in Mariannridge in a place called New City.

It has been quite hectic for our little family during lockdown and after the latest chaos when people looted and left our province in a mess. My child’s father lost his job due to the unrest and, on a daily basis, he tries to find some piece (part-time) jobs to provide for us. At times, we would run out of food and not have anything to eat. This forced us to go door-to-door begging from neighbours for something as baby needs to eat. This is very hard as we are living in a time where everyone has got it hard and needs to see to their families first.

I visited a neighbour, Euletta, and she has been a blessing by encouraging us and helping where she can. When she saw how great the need was, she connected us with the Kingdom Connect Ministries/CAST centre in Mariannridge where she has been volunteering for over 2 years. They assisted us with a much-needed food parcel that helped us a lot.

The unrest really had a negative impact on us, as we were unable to get things like diapers, milk, etc for our baby. The unrest also has been the cause for us not having an income. I am grateful that we are still alive and for the assistance from those like CAST and others that have been working behind the scenes to get food to us.

I would like to thank all sponsors that helped to provide the food for families in need. You are changing people’s homes in a huge way and preventing many from going to bed on an empty stomach. Please continue with this good work as it means a lot to the people of Mariannridge and the surrounding areas.


Zethembe Judith Khoza