This inner-city area also has a great deal of poverty. Although the city, specifically the South Beach area, is well developed with various churches, hospitals, clinics, schools, police stations, buildings, businesses and shopping centres, there is a need for a community centre to unite the broad demographic of people residing here. A high percentage of the population is comprised of Congolese and Nigerian refugees. Although many have skills, they speak very little English and so have few opportunities. Drugs, crime, alcoholism, domestic abuse, homelessness, human trafficking, and the language barrier are the most significant issues this community faces.

In 2010, CAST formally partnered with Addington Primary School situated in the heart of the inner-city. This came after many years of implementing outreach programmes for homeless adults and children through the Westville Baptist Church, which expanded into hosting Annual Holiday Programming and camps for Addington Primary Learners from 2005.

Since 2013, over 1500 children have benefitted from programmes run by CAST, which include Early Literacy for foundation level; netball and soccer coaching; creative arts; and Bible Study. In 2017, CAST facilitated Business Development programming to empower those with little opportunity for employment to become self-sufficient and productive.

Bible Study

Partner churches/organisations and the year each partnership was established: Addington Primary school 2010, Eden River Ministries started in 2017, Zoe-life 2012, Dennis Hurley Centre 2012, Ward 26 councillor 2017.

Programmes currently implemented, including average monthly statistics: Wordworks 76 children, netball 20 girls, soccer 30 boys, needlework 20 girls, dance 100 children, crafts 30 aftercare children and BEC, 8o children for Bible study.

Overall statistics since implementation (how many people in this community have benefitted so far?): 1500 children has benefitted from our programs, since 2013, BEC 80 people since 2017.

Number of volunteers: 23 Word Works, 2 Bible Studies, 1 Needlework, 2 Coaches