At CAST our vision is to see God’s peace and justice at work in the world around us. One of the ways we work towards this is through courses to equip leaders in this work. In 2024 we are excited to offer two courses for this.

  1. The Just Leader’s course : Are you a current or aspiring leader in your church, business, organization or community? This course will help you to read, analyse, understand and respond to the context in which you find yourself and to lead others to do the same. This course is done in English with written material provided in Zulu and requires no matric.
  2. Leadership for Urban Transformation: This powerful year-long course takes the work of justice and leadership deeper. It is geared towards leaders and urban practitioners who are thinking about mission, outreach, community development and social transformation in our urban (including suburban and township) spaces. It is a fully accredited University level course that can be used towards an Honours or Masters through the University of Pretoria.


The Just Leaders Programme

Equipping leaders within the South African context.


This programme is aimed at developing leaders who are passionate about leading people the Jesus way: towards God’s peace, wholeness, justice and righteousness. The programme empowers people to be “just leaders” – leaders who are fully equipped to understand what justice in their local area looks like. This means that they will be able to understand, develop theology (God-knowledge) for and respond to the contexts they find themselves in eThekwini, KZN and South Africa – and then lead people to do the same.


What is this course about? What does it mean to be a leader in South Africa, KZN and eThekwini? How do we lead within the contexts we find ourselves in? How do we think about and respond to these contexts? And how do we lead others to do the same? What does it mean to be a leader who is interested in God’s peace and justice in the world and wants to lead other people towards this? How do we lead in a way that leads to long-term change and impact and doesn’t cause more harm? Through this year-long course, we explore some of these questions. Using the praxis cycle, we equip leaners for taking action which is based on reflection; and our reflection (on our context and on scripture), in turn, allows us to act in powerful and impactful ways.


Who is this for? This course is for all current and aspiring leaders who desire to lead people towards God’s peace and justice and, importantly, learn what leadership means in light of the many problems that we face in our communities. It is an unaccredited course and does not require a Matric or any tertiary studies. It is conducted in English. Course materials are provided in English and isiZulu.


Course structure: Just Leaders is run through six in-person sessions over the course of the year (approximately once every six weeks). The first and last sessions are full weekends and the other 4 sessions are full-day on Saturdays. Learners are required to attend all 6 sessions.


19 – 21 April
8 June
24 July
31 August
12 October
22 – 24 November


Learning outcomes: Learners will be able to:

  • Develop a vision and direction for their work and leadership in the contexts they find themselves in.
  • Understand the importance of discipleship and spiritual formation in the life of a leader focused on peace and justice.
  • Know what the praxis cycle is and use it as a tool to guide action, reflection, learning, and decision-making.
  • Learn how to use scripture as a basis to imagine what could be possible in their contexts.


Course fee: R2000 – a limited number of full or partial bursaries available on request. Price includes:

– 2 weekends away (incl accomodation, meals and teaching)
– 4 Saturday learning sessions
– lunches and teas for every Saturday session
– learner file
– 121 mentorship through the course
– weekly support and extension exercises


Enquiries: / 031 266 8830