In March 2018, CAST opened its first East Africa office in Nairobi, Kenya as part of its mission to mobilise 1000 churches and expansion plans in Africa. Within Nairobi, our first target settlement is the Huruma slum, with our partner church for pilot programmes being Evangelical Victory Church, which is based in this slum.

Predominantly Christian and Islam, Huruma has a population of 36 247, and suffers a severe lack of basic services, namely: lack of medical services, poor refuse collection, poor sewage maintenance, water shortage and is vulnerable to the social ills of crime, rape, unemployment, drug & substance abuse, domestic violence, tribalism and poor education systems i.e. classes held in shanties.

So far, CAST Kenya has successfully selected and appointed Board Members, and formed a Local Management Committee (LMC) to systematically oversee the running of the organisation. Local Economic Development programmes have been piloted, with 68 participants, as well as the Education and Child Development literacy programme.

You can support this ministry by praying for its successful growth and impact in this community, and contributing financially to ensure that CAST Kenya operates with adequate resources.

Local Economic Development