COVID-19 Emergency Food Bucket


During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are dedicating time to distribute food buckets to the needy. These food buckets are really innovative! Once the food has been removed, the buckets can be filled with water, and individuals can wash their hands using the tap that is attached to the bucket.

We’re really heartened by this initiative and are grateful to have been involved in setting up the CAST website and the online payment system that helps raise money for the distribution of these buckets to the needy and marginalised.

A lot of people are facing difficulty right now and can’t afford a proper meal. We encourage you to do your part in supporting this initiative.

Many of the needy in the communities where CAST operates will be severely affected by limited access to food and basic necessities during this time.

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Join our project to pack and distribute 500 food parcels in the next 2 days by donating the items below or making a contribution of R350 per bucket.

1kg samp
5kg maize
490g peanut butter
375ml oil
1kg beans
1kg Morvite / any porridge
500g soya mince
1kg flour
1 bar soap


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