KZN Protest Relief

KZN Protest Relief.


International Donors can either make use of the QR Code below or Donate by Clicking Here and donate through the Themba Foundation.


The recent protests and looting have left many shopping centres and local businesses completely destroyed, making it difficult for those living in the affected areas to get supplies. Unless these families are able to get basic needs like food, this may lead to further violence and unrest.

Through our partner Churches, CAST aims to assist communities in which we operate who are unable to access food and other essentials at this time.

CAST aims to utilize the funds raised towards relief efforts to serve as many families in need with basic essentials like food, and hygiene products for adults and children.

Banking Details:
Account name: CAST Trust
Bank: First National Bank
Account no: 62762010248
Branch code: 250655
Ref: Relief