5 09, 2013

Move Beyond Charity

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Many of you may have seen our new slogan floating around the social media realms and wondered what the inspiration behind it is. "Move Beyond Charity" is our way of expressing what the core beliefs behind our organisation are. We believe that extreme poverty can end, that mindsets can be changed, and that love is a necessity. We believe that changing the world requires more than just a handout, more than just charity; it requires action.... it requires [...]

7 08, 2013

Get Fit, Bring a Blanket

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Last weekend, Hearts to Hands and CAST held a Blanket Drive Campaign at The Village Market Centre. This campaign was linked to the Fitcampathon Winter Warmth Program in which participants have free entry into the Fitcampathon but are asked to donate a blanket towards those that are less fortunate this winter. The day brought in about 200 participants who donated about 250 blankets as well as clothes. Hearts to Hands even managed to recruit some potential future volunteers [...]

19 03, 2013

The Story of Gogo Mchunu.

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She had three sons and a daughter. One son was unemployed, one had an alcohol problem and the other was in and out of jobs. In June, 2011, she lost her twenty-eight year old daughter to HIV/Aids – the disease that has claimed so many lives in our country. Gogo Mchunu did not even have enough money to organise a funeral service for her beloved child. Suddenly she had to raise her two grandchildren- an eight year old [...]

11 03, 2013

Have an Eternal Impact.

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Every Tuesday night, Cheryl Robbins walked the streets of Durban with the rest of our Street Ministry team, eager to see the four young boys who had captured her heart. One of them, Maxwell, would run up to her with his arms outstretched, shouting, “Mom!” That’s what happens during street ministry. Relationships and bonds are formed. Why would a young, black street child regard a white woman, whom he sees once a week, as a motherly figure? It’s [...]


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