The CHURCH ALLIANCE FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION (C.A.S.T.) is a registered non-profit organisation that is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty in Africa with sustainable and wholistic focus.

C.A.S.T. is a highly skilled and focused team empowering people of all ages from the inside out through our Short-term and Medium-term Projects.

We partner with local churches to equip them for compassionate action among the poor in their communities.

CAST was born out of the community development programmes of three Baptist churches: Westville (Home Ground), KwaDabeka and Noodsberg. Over three decades, these churches had together developed partnerships with a number of schools, clinics and community-based organisations in poorer communities. Through these partnerships, programmes to help the poor in these communities were already running when CAST was registered as an independent NPO in 2009 (and subsequently as a Trust in 2011). Jean-Ray Knighton Fitt, former Pastor of Compassionate Ministries at Home Ground Westville Baptist Church, founded and served as CEO of CAST until 2020.

The existing programmes in the Durban Inner City, KwaDabeka, Cato Manor and Noodsberg were incorporated into the new organisation which began to grow rapidly expanding its scope of programmes and branching into new communities. In 2010, the Masibambisane Center in Cato Manor was incorporated into CAST, followed in 2013 by Transformation Mariannridge (or RidgeCity) and then early in 2014, the outreach programmes of West City Fellowship in Chesterville. All these organisations brought experience, existing programmes, staff and valuable connections into the organisation.

Partnering and aligning with local churches to reach out with practical compassion to empower, transform and redeem communities.

relief services


We combat extreme poverty through the provision of food and clothing to initiate a process of development towards self-sufficiency with each recipient. We assist each family and implement practical action plans.

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education and child development


Low levels of literacy and education in general can impede the economic development of a country in the current rapidly changing technology-driven world.

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sport and youth development


To combat issues such as fatherlessness, drug abuse, lack of education, bullying, and poverty, CAST’s Youth Ministry focuses on whole-life coaching.

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business development


To create opportunities for people to find employment, develop businesses and further their careers so as to earn a decent income and provide for their families.

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These donors are assisting us to break the cycle of poverty. We need your support! Join our donors. C.A.S.T. is a Section 30 organisation under the Income Tax Act. Donations made to the organisation are tax deductible under Section 18A (1)(a) of the Income Tax Act.

CAST is a registered Trust IT No. 986/2011/PMB. It is also registered with the Department of Social Services as a non-profit organisation: 085-077 NPO, and with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation under Section 30 of the Income Tax Act. Donations made to the organisation are tax deductible under Section 18A (1)(a) of the Income Tax Act. Let’s break the cycle of poverty together.

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Bank: First National Bank
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