At CAST, our vision is to see God’s peace and justice at work in the world around us. One of the ways we work towards this is through courses to equip leaders in this work.

In 2024 we are excited to offer two courses for this:

  1. The Just Leaders course: Are you a current or aspiring leader in your church, business, organization or community? This course will help you to read, analyse, understand and respond to the context in which you find yourself and to lead others to do the same. This course is done in English with written material provided in Zulu and requires no matric.
  2. The Leadership for Urban Transformation: This powerful year-long course takes the work of justice and leadership deeper. It is geared towards leaders and urban practitioners who are thinking about mission, outreach, community development and social transformation in our urban (including suburban and township) spaces. It is a fully accredited University level course that can be used towards an Honours or Masters through the University of Pretoria.


Leadership in Urban Transformation (LUT)

We need a new vision for our urban spaces. What could inclusive, reconciled and transformative urban spaces look like and what is the theology that inspires us?

This course is designed for urban practitioners (both Christians and other faith groups) facing urban challenges, to equip them with values, knowledge and skills for transformation. These will enable them to serve as incarnational and transformational urban leaders, able to read, re-imagine and reconstruct their communities, alongside others. The course will draw from stories of hope from your city and around the world.


People working in faith-based organisations and places of worship, community organisations or any person of faith committed to urban transformation. Reflecting the faith diversity of KZN, we welcome participants from all faiths who would value the
space to consider urban transformation from a theological point of view. Participants must be matriculants who have completed a two- or three-year diploma or degree.

Students who qualify to register for a Masters Degree with the Faculty of Theology, can offer this course as part of a structured course work Masters degree in Practical Theology. To find out more about the content and impact of this course in Cape Town, click here.



Students will be enabled to:
1. Construct and articulate own local urban theology.

2. Engage in critical readings of the city in terms of
(i) systems and powers shaping it
(ii) the multiplicity of diverse social-cultural narratives
(iii) different faith and institutional responses

3. Develop a hopeful imagination for urban alternatives.

4. Develop an understanding of transformational urban development – i.e. visions, languages, models, practices and methods – as it relates to:
(i) personal & institutional transformation
(ii) community transformation
(iii) healing, reconciliation and social cohesion.

5. Integrate learning and translate this into a viable, smart and sustainable urban community/ministry praxis, under-standing all the key components of transformational urban praxis, project planning and project execution.


The course fee is R9 600 (incl VAT) per delegate.
The course fee includes a suitable training venue and all course notes for the duration of the course. Bursaries are available on request.
It excludes refreshments, transport of delegates to venues, daily allowance and accommodation for delegates.
The fee is payable before commencement of the course.

Short courses and certificate programmes presented by the University of Pretoria through CE and UP are not unit standard based and not credit bearing on the National Qualifications Framework, but are fully recognized by the University of Pretoria.
Delegates successfully completing a course and who comply with the relevant assessment criteria will receive certificate of successful completion from the University of Pretoria.


This is a one year programme with five weeks of contact tuition. Written assignments are done after every week of contact sessions. Each module will consist of theory, practical exercises, and in-depth reflection and integration of information.
The course has formerly been delivered in both Gauteng and Cape Town; this is the first time it is being offered in KZN.

Week 1: 26 – 29 Feb 2024
Week 2: 06 – 09 May 2024
Week 3: 24 – 27 June 2024
Week 4: 02 – 05 September 2024
Week 5: 04 – 07 November 2024

The course will use urban venues across Durban and possibly PMB depending on enrolment.

Lance Thomas
Phone: 012 420 4952

Prof Stephan de Beer
Phone: 012 420 4952

Sarah Montgomery
Phone: 067 183 1631


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