Thank you for you visiting the CAST online shop. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty in Africa. By donating and buying our products this helps to generate revenue to help break that cycle. We don’t believe in functioning on donations alone, but believe in empowering the poor to generate their own income and thereby support their communities and employ others. Your support helps us to increase the borders of our influence.

  • Feed a family for life

    This Christmas, help us Feed a Family - FOR LIFE.

    We will be using Farming God’s Way methodology which has 3 main keys – no ploughing, 100% cover with mulch (God’s blanket) and crop rotation, and will plant a range of crops which includes: fruit crop (beans, mielies, eggplant, pumpkin); leaf crop (spinach, lettuce, cabbage); and root crop (beetroot, onions, potatoes). Beneficiaries will be trained every 2 weeks over a period of 6 months learning the basics of planting vegetables, business training so they can market and sell their vegetables, and also about nutrition so they understand why they are planting certain vegetables and how to incorporate them into a healthy diet. We are aiming to reach 100 people in 5 communities. You can support this programme by donating R300 towards supplying seedlings, manure and compost, planting equipment, water storage and fencing. Make a difference in someone else's life this Christmas.
  • literacy packs

    Early Literacy Packs - Help to teach a child to read.

    Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the long term. Just 6 months of learning can transform a child’s life. Donations for the literacy packs can be made via EFT and Zapper as well, or drop off any of the items listed below at the CAST Head Office:
    • A5 softcover unruled exercise books
    • Pencils
    • Crayons
    • Children’s storybooks
    Since implementing this programme 5 years ago, over 2000 children experiencing learning difficulties in 11 sites have been assisted.  
  • COVID-19 Toiletry Pack

    Shield the Dignity of Youth

    During the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa, young people in some communities have faced a severe lack of essential items. Join our mission to restore dignity and provide toiletries for 300 youth in our programmes and partner churches. Each pack will include: • Sanitary towels (for girls) • Soap • Deodorant and; • Toothpaste  
  • Donations accepted in R50 units. Select + to add more. Thank you for helping us break the cycle of poverty in Africa by giving to our transparent infrastructure.
  • During the COVID-19 outbreak, we are dedicating time to distribute food buckets to the needy. These food buckets are really innovative! Once the food has been removed, the buckets can be filled with water, and individuals can wash their hands using the tap that is attached to the bucket.
    We’re really heartened by this initiative and are grateful to have been involved in setting up the CAST website and the online payment system that helps raise money for the distribution of these buckets to the needy and marginalised. A lot of people are facing difficulty right now and can’t afford a proper meal. We encourage you to do your part in supporting this initiative.
    Many of the needy in the communities where CAST operates will be severely affected by limited access to food and basic necessities during this time.
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